The primary goal of the Asian Stroke Summer School on interdisciplinary treatment for acute stroke is to link young stroke physicians with young neuroradiologists in order to enhance interdisciplinary management of patients with acute ischemic stroke. A series of concentrated high-quality teaching sessions and courses on acute stroke management will be offered to answer questions such as: How can you build up a stroke treatment network in your area? What are the critical factors in successful optimization of the in-hospital workflow? Which patients are candidates for endovascular revascularization?

The secondary goal of the Asian Stroke Summer School is to provide “hands-on” training for interventional neuroradiologists and special teaching sessions for stroke physicians.

The Asian Stroke Summer School has a unique format. Combi­ning plenary sessions, discussions and technical training, it will foster improvement in treatment of cerebrovascular disease and advance research in this complex field, potentially leading to technical developments.